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How to get rid of gambling addiction in a bookmaker's office

Betting can cause serious gambling addiction, bankruptcy, and even severe mental illness. Not everyone manages to keep his gambling under control.

Today we will talk about gambling addiction. This term means a persistent addiction to gambling, which is accompanied not only by money losses but also the loss of adequate perception of moral and social values. A gambling addict is not interested in anything except the process of gambling and the emotions it produces. Such a person's behavior can be compared to that of a drug addict who does not even try to stop his addiction. Instead, he looks for funds for the next dose (in our case - for the next bet) and makes predictions, which less and less often have a qualitative analytical basis.

What is interesting, addiction usually manifests itself after big winnings in a bookmaker's office. Inspired by a random success the player begins to bet even more actively, often forgetting about the strategies and hoping only for luck.

The disease is manifested individually in each person. Most often, the player does not even suspect the manifestation of the disease and continues to invest money, increase the number of contributions and the number of sporting events.

People with some kind of psychological trauma are more likely to be addicted. The category of risk often includes single people who are not satisfied with their lifestyle, social status, opportunities, and abilities. Betting addiction along with other addictions such as alcoholism or drug addiction is not uncommon.

People who want to get rich without making an effort deserve special attention. Some psychologists agree that BKs often take advantage of bettors' thirst for easy profits by offering resource users attractive conditions for investing money and receiving easy prizes.

Despite the interpretation of many negative properties of bookmakers, people continue to invest in online betting. This is because when betting and waiting for the outcome of an event, a dose of adrenaline enters the bloodstream and the brain begins to produce the hormone endorphin. The combination of these substances gives the user of the BK pleasure, joy, and a sense of happiness, but for a limited amount of time. Further, the body begins to demand a combination of substances, which leads to the emergence of gambling addiction.

How to stop playing in a bookmaker's office?

When a ludomania admits his addiction, this is already half the success. Then all subsequent "rehabilitation" measures will go much easier. First of all, it is necessary to identify the reasons that led to the game addiction. This may be a desire for quick wealth, financial problems, lack of permanent work, depression. According to addicted players, bets gave a temporary distraction from the problems, but with each day the craving for a "betting dose" became only stronger.

To defeat addiction, it is necessary to take several effective measures, the combination of which depends on the degree of gaming addiction. The earlier you start the fight, the better the chances of success. However, the probability of success will not be measured by the odds!

Close your accounts at the bookmakers' offices

Contact the support team of each of the BKs you are registered with and ask them to block your active accounts. If you have any money left in your deposit, don't make "the very last bet" under any circumstances.

Stop gambling

Passion for gambling is easier to control if there is no real money at stake. Make predictions for virtual currency and other nice bonuses (not cash!) from the gaming offices. Finally, spend time with family members playing bingo (again, not for money!).

Accept support from loved ones.

If your family and friends are willing to support you in the fight against addiction, the chances of a "cure" are very high. Close people can at any time talk frankly about the problem and motivate you to completely get rid of addiction.

Recall your hobbies or find a new hobby

Maybe you used to spend a lot of time at the gym or like to play the guitar. Any hobby from a "former life" or a new interesting activity can help you get your mind off gambling addiction.

See a therapist

The problem may seem intractable to you, but a qualified psychologist will not have difficulty finding the cause of addiction and suggest a way to get rid of it. Just be honest and admit your addiction.